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Please consider the following guidelines before registration.
  1. An institute can register as many teams as desired.
  2. One delegation can have a minimum of 5 delegates and a maximum of 8, not more than the specified limit.
  3. Private and/or Individual delegations are allowed to register.
  4. Registered teams shall be contacted by the MUNKPK Registration Team within the specified time span.
  5. If your team is shortlisted, it is advised to make the payments within 3-5 days.
  6. The MUNKPK family and the Registration Team reserve all the rights to accept and reject any delegation and make a judgment without specifying the reservations and/or the cause. The decision shall be final and no delegation would be able to compete it.
  7. The delegations with prompt completion of the monetary profile will hold a preference over the ones with dues remaining at any stage of the event.
  8. The final allotment of countries and committee comes under the umbrella of MUNKPK family, however; preference shall be given to the teams with early completion of dues.
  9. Registrations will commence from 18th October, 2016.

Fee Structure:

  1. Delegate fee: Rs 3000/ delegate (Inclusive of all the social events charges.)
  2. Observer fee: Rs 3500/ delegate (Inclusive of all the social events charges.)
  3. Accommodation fee: Rs 1500/ delegate

Payment Procedure:

  1. Manual deposition: Hand over the amount to the concerned people.
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